The rules of poker Texas Hold'em. This poker is played with 2 hole cards and 5 boardcards (or communauty cards). The best 5-card hand wins.

-  Poker is played with 52 cards. They are schuffled by the dealer, cuted by the player on the left, and dealed, clockwise, card after card. For the next hand, the new dealer is the next player on the left. Normally, the dealer can't play.

  The player on the left of the dealer puts the small blind (B). The next player puts the big blind (BB). Blinds are deposited before deals.

  Every player receives 2 hole cards, face down.

First betting round  The first player who begins is the first one to the left on the big blind player. The choice is "Check/Fold", "Call" and "Raise". Every betting round is closed when 3 raises are done.

  The dealer puts 3 boardcards on the middle of the table, face up. It's "The Flop".

Second betting round  The small blind player begins (or else, the next player still in the game). The choice is "Check", "Call/Bet", "Raise" and "Fold".

  The dealer puts 1 boardcard face up, "The Turn".

Third betting round

-  The dealer puts 1 last boardcard face up, "The River". At this moment, every player has 2 hole cards and 5 boardcards.

Fourth and last betting round

  2 players confrontation : the round is closed when 3 raises are done or as soon as a player calls (equalizes).
This calling player can see the 2 hole cards of the other one without showing its own.

  The best 5-card hand wins. See COMBINATIONS.

  The best 5-card hand wins. You can build your hand with 2 hole cards and 3 boardcards, or 1 hole card and 4 boardcards, or 0 hole card and the five boardcards.

  Poker is a game of combinations, only cards forming a combination are important.

  From highest to lowest:

Royal Flush
Highest natural hand. Straight and Flush.
A-R-D-V-10 of the same suit.

Straight Flush
A Straight with 5 cards of the same suit. Example : 8-7-6-5-4 of spades.

Four of a kind
Ex : 3-3-3-3.

Full House
Three of a kind and a pair. Ex : D-D-9-9-9.

5 cards of the same suit. Ex : D-2-7-10-V of diamonds.

Ex : 6-5-4-3-2.

Three of a kind
Ex : V-V-V.

Two Pairs
Ex : A-A-5-5.

Ex : R-R.

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